Wardrobe Revamp


Rails of clothes but nothing to wear? Refresh your wardrobe, declutter and restart your personal style with The Cliché Fashion Concierge ‘Wardrobe Revamp’.

Sometimes despite a wardrobe full of clothes, it can be easy to feel that you have nothing to wear, that our clothes don’t reflect our personalities, or that you can seem to piece things together. Equally for those not in fashion busy lives can make it hard to know the current fashion trends and how to update our wardrobes. Cliché Fashion Concierge are here to help you.

Cliché Fashion Concierge will be your ‘wardrobe’s best friend’, offering support and advice, to help you shake off the old and welcome the new by provide you with a fully trained Personal Stylist.

This experience consists of an initial consultation and a visit to your home. During your initial consultation, your Personal Stylist will invite you into store or talk with you to learn about you, your personal style and the discover the direction you would like the wardrobe revamp to take.  Has your work and personal wardrobe become one and now nothing appeals to you? Or are you an impulse shopper with a lots of separate pieces, that either don’t complement each other or you are confused how to pull them together? Or maybe a life milestone has landed and you need your wardrobe to move forwards with you?

Following this review, with your goals in mind, your Cliché Personal Stylist will act as your helping hand, to support you to make the difficult decisions of eliminating unworn, dated or unflattering pieces from your wardrobe, and identifying gaps that need filling your. Equally your personal Stylist will be armed with suitable items for you to try and give you expert advice on how to wear each piece and build outfit combinations to help you feel confident, develop your personal style, and get the most out of your new wardrobe.

This service is ideal for busy ladies who may feel overwhelmed by their current wardrobe and want help to cast out the old and embrace the new.