Jet Set and Go!


The tickets are booked, you’re bursting with excitement… and then the wardrobe and the dreaded ‘packing’ realisation kicks in. A holiday is an important escape, especially for those of us with busy lifestyles. Finding time to buy and pack your perfect holiday wardrobe is never stress-free, but whether you are spending a weekend in the country or jetting across the globe or let us do it for you, with our ‘Jet Set and Go’ styling package.

Either at home, or in store, this service begins with a consultation with your very own Personal Stylist, to identify what essential pieces you need for your trip and what suits you best. Together you create a tailored capsule collection of holiday clothing for strolling through the city, lounging by the beach, or that special dinner. Your Personal Stylist will show you how to work your wardrobe of key pieces in many different ways, taking dresses from day to night and accessorising with perfection. You will also receive a personal look book to keep to you can refer back to your key looks and inspirations while you are away or in the weeks to come.

Most importantly, forget the time consuming effort of packing, and let us fold and prepare your new outfits with a professional touch. Wrapped in protective paper or suit carriers, your clothes will stay fresh and uncreased during travel. We will pack into your own luggage, and ensure it is within the weight limit: removing all the stress of holiday preparation.

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