Suns Out

Ok  so there is no sign of the hot weather abating: forecasters expect the next few days to be even hotter, so how do you keep cool?
1. Loose Layers – Think natual fibres, loose layers, and airflow when you are dressing. Maxi dresses are great and they are often made from great ‘wafting’ fabrics.
2. Lie on the floor – If you do get overheated then lying on the ground is the coolest place to be (any one spot an excuse to sunbathe here? 3. Deep breathing – Channel your inner yogi to not only lower your body temperature but reduce stress. 4. Eat yourself cool – You may think this one is back to front but sweating form eating spicy dishes will actually cool you down. Good excuse for a curry if nothing else! 5. Drink yourself cool – I think most of us know how great mint is for this already, great teamed with fresh lemonade (and pimms). Other good go-to’s are raspberry leaf tea, hibiscus juice, and chamomile tea. 6. Avoid the urge to fan – Fanning yourself actually uses energy and increase body temperature. Use a paper fan if you really feel the urge or even better a hand held one. 7. Close the curtains – Not ideal if you work from home but this one works by blocking the suns rays from warming the room up so much 8. Turn fans off – Fans are great at creating a cool sensation but the movement they create in the air actually heats the room up so if your not in front of it turn it off (plus your electricity bill will thank you too). 9. Place ice in front of fans – This one is great at helping circulate cool instead of hot air. Old drinks bottles work great for this one just pop a towel down first to catch the condensation. 10. Water yourself – Drink it, and lots of it, but also use it to dab areas that tend to get hot and place cool flannels on pressure points to cool your whole system. A cool shower before bed with the skin left damp can really help to get you off to sleep in the hot weather too.
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