At Marc Cain the collection is the star!

The company philosophy was therefore defined by the following guidelines: a sense of aesthetics and art, combined with casualness and naturalness, innovative thinking and exclusivity. Fashion that is always a little bit different and yet always true to itself. Distinctive and unmistakable – that is the vision of Marc Cain Coordinates. Marc Cain not only understands Coordinates to be a perfectly coordinated outfit, but, above all, as the subtle meeting of seemingly different individual pieces.

High expectations on design, quality and material as well as the latest processing technologies and the perfect fit are Marc Cain’s concept. Marc Cain reflect the spirit of the time in their very own way and classiness. It is the kind of fashion which always makes a difference but never betrays its principles.

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We sell the complete selection from all five of the Marc Cain Collections (Marc Cain Collections, Marc Cain Sports, Marc Cain Essentials, Marc Cain Additions and Marc Cain Bags & Shoes), and are one of the largest stockists in the UK. Please note we only show a selection of items online.

Marc Cain Collection – SS20 Campaign


Traces of the past

A place where sun and wind define the landscape: The former diamond mine of Kolmanskop lies in the middle of the Namib, one of the oldest deserts in the world. During the Marc Cain Collections photoshoot, abandoned houses provided both a stage and welcome shade from the sun.


Dunes gradually reclaim the land on which the town was once built; a weathered sign welcomes visitors, a relic of the once bustling diamond town, while picturesque houses reveal the beauty of decay.

Today, Kolmanskop is a magnet for tourists and a must-see stop on every journey across Namibia

It was once the richest town in Africa. In the middle of the Namibian desert, in a hostile environment where sandstorms frequently tear across the landscape and heat bears down unrelentingly, Kolmanskop was settled by complete accident: In the process of laying a railroad in the former colony of German South-West Africa in the early 20th century, construction workers discovered glittering stones in the sand. Diamond fever took hold and transformed the barren location into a mining town replete with all of life’s luxuries: electricity, drinking water and food were delivered from the capital 1,000 kilometres away, the building materials imported from Germany. In addition to administrative buildings, Wilhelmine villas and a primary school, leisure facilities including a gym, swimming pool, bowling alley and casino took shape throughout the town. However, the oasis at Kolmanskop was short-lived.

The diamond mine was soon exhausted and in the 1930s, the residents ultimately abandoned their homes in search for work in other regions of the country. For decades, the town faded out of memory – until the mysterious charm of the town was discovered by the tourism industry in the 1990s. Buildings were restored and houses were refurnished in the original style. A museum opened. People returned to a place where nature so clearly reigned. Today, you can take a guided tour in the footsteps of the diamond hunters and travel back in time through this mystical setting, where buildings are slowly sinking back into the desert floor.


Marc Cain Sport – SS20 Campaign


The theme “Movements” serves as inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2020 collection of the Sports label. Movement is expressed in exciting liquid looks, the interplay of dynamic stripes and asymmetrical cuts, fluorescent colour effects as well as transparent and shiny techno materials. The contemporary and innovative power looks are full of vitality and have a unique, energetic rhythm.

Marc Cain Sports Spring/Summer 2020 "Movements", Match Point

Marc Cain Sports Spring/Summer 2020 “Movements”, Match Point


Marc Cain Sports Spring/Summer 2020 "Movements", Match Point

Marc Cain Sports Spring/Summer 2020 “Movements”, Match Point