Posted March 12th 2019 | Posted by Sophie Howard

It’s a Jeans Thing


As we all know the great thing about denim is that it never goes out of fashion, which is why we love denim. As a fabric denim is SO versatile, if you can imagine it you can make it and you can style it; just one of the reasons it has been popular for many decades and long to continue. Simply put denim can be classic, on trend, or simple, giving us so many styling options!

Originating as ‘workwear’ with the well known Levi’s brand at the forefront denim has come a long way since it first became fashionable in the 50’s. Today denim is used to make garments to fit in with the tastes and needs of the wearer as designers have learned to adapt the way they use this material.

So there here are the 3 of the main denim trends of the season that are universally flattering on every body size and shape, so you don’t have to worry!

The All Denim Look

This year you will notice matching denim jackets, skirts, and trousers thanks to the all denim look, which has been appearing on so many catwalks recently and celebs have been loving for years. It is such an easy to wear look, and the best thing about it is that you can easily break up the outfit and pair the individual pieces with other items to create several other looks, or you can wear a multitude of denim in one and look incredibly stylish. We love this striped denim look that will make you stand out.

The High Waist Jean Trend

High waists are back! We are pretty sure a few of you just did a little happy dance about this one. Why? Well because high waisted jeans smooth out any bulges and holds the hips and belly in a little. So, basically this is a REALLY flattering cut that works really well for pretty much everybody. As well as holding us in and making us look amazing these sit really well under longer tops and look fantastic with shirts especially if you do the french tuck which is on trend this season (front tuck only).

 Coloured Jeans


Move over blue denim as summer is coming and denim just got an update! Spring summer is such a great time for jeans and coloured jeans and this season is no exception, Spring kicks off with an array of gorgeous pastels that as reminiscent of macaroons. Then the heat ramps up and we are whisked to the seaside with Lemon, lobster, coral, and white tones. Here are a selection of our favourites to boost your spring wardrobe.